February 2nd. Amersham Jazz Club. 8.30-11pm

February 6th. The Old Barn Hall. 1-4pm
February 27th. The Concorde Club. 8-1030pm

March 2nd. Gosport Jazz Club. 8-1030pm. 

March 10th. Sidcup Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm

April 3rd. The Old Barn Hall. 1-4pm

April 10th. Colchester Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm

April 11th. Bluebird Jazz Club. 7-9.30pm 

May 19th. Sidcup Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm

May 22nd. The Old Barn Hall. 1-4pm

July 1st. Langstone Cliff  Hotel, Dawlish Warren, Devon. 8-11pm

July 14th. Sidcup Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm

August 19th. Runnymede Jazz Club. TBC

August 21st. Colchester Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm
August 26th. Runnymede Jazz Club. TBC


September 8th. Sidcup Jazz Club. 7.30-10pmSe

September 10th. Gunton Hall. Afternoon/Evening. Times TBC

September 11th. Gunton Hall. Lunchtime. Times TBC

November 3rd. Sidcup Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm

December 4th. Colchester Jazz Club. 7.30-10pm


January 24th. Livermead Cliff Hotel, Torquay. 8-1030pm 

February 24th. Sinah Warren. Evening
February 25th. Sinah Warren. Morning.